victoria beckham head bag

You know, we can’t help liking this celebrity designer. She just seems fun, you know? Hiding under what is probably a Birkin bag at New York Fashion Week. I mean, knowing her style, it is almost certainly a Birkin.

It’s Victoria Beckham, who I will always think of as Posh Spice. She tweeted this picture with the message that “It’s that time in the season when we all get a little delirious #NYFW x Vb”. I mean, designers, but also, everyone.

And the best way to handle any kind of Fashion Week nervousness is to literally submerge your head in a paper bag. Or, you know, a massive yellow bag that is most likely a Birkin bag. I am incredibly okay with this, and honestly, pretty in favor of it, because sometimes I wish I could shut out fashion week altogether (there is too much muchness).

Though we are certain Victoria Beckham’s line will be great. She is one of those rare celebrities who seems able to transition into fashion design effortlessly (Lindsay Lohan, we’re looking at you and shaking out heads slowly and dolefully). We are not just saying that because it would be nice to be invited to her shows. Really.

Picture via @VictoriaBeckham