Victoria BeckhamSpice Girls fans, you will probably remember that I told you to mark today on your calendars because it was when the Victoria Beckham clothing charity sale went live on THE OUTNET. Victoria is selling over 600 pieces from her wardrobe including favorite outfits from date nights with husband David Beckham, plus lots of Spice Girls stuff. All proceeds from the sale and auction will be donated to mothers2mothers, a charity which supports HIV-positive mothers. What better reason is there to splurge on a designer bag or pair of shoes? The prices aren’t cheap, but they’re not ridiculous for designer goods that were once owned by Posh Spice herself–and that may or may not smell like David’s aftershave.

Check out 10 items from the sale that are worth splurging on–but there’s no time to be an indecisive shopper. The sale is only on until August 24, and a lot of things have already sold out.

1. Versus Satin Top, £200 (approx. $330)

Victoria Beckham Versus Crop Top

You can’t wear anything more popular than a crop top this summer. You’re lucky they didn’t increase the value of it for that reason alone. Never mind it looks like something Sporty Spice would wear instead of Posh.

2. Victoria Beckham Costume Spice Boy Cotton T-Shirt, £200 (approx. $330)Victoria Beckham Spice Boy Tee

This one is at the top of everyone’s wishlist. Yes, it probably looks near identical to one you had (and foolishly threw away) but this is an official Victoria Beckham costume. Even if you find one for cheap at a thrift store, you can’t boast that it was once worn by Posh.

3. Christian Dior Diamante-Embellished Round-Frame Sunglasses, £300 (approx. $500)

Christian Dior sunglasses

These wraparound sunglasses must be from Victoria’s post-Spice Girls WAG phase, when she favored massive extensions and cut-off denim shorts. I bet David had a matching pair.

4. Victoria Beckham Costume Metallic Leather Pants, £225 (approx. $375)Victoria Beckham Costume Metallic Leather Pants

If you’ve been shopping around for a pair of leather pants, these are great value. And they are gold. And they have rhinestones on the hem. And you can buy a pair of pants that were custom-designed for Posh cheaper than a regular pair of leather leggings.

5. Victoria Beckham Costume Glitter-Finished Suede And Perspex Sandals, £295 (approx. $491)Victoria Beckham Costume Glitter-finished suede and Perspex sandals

If you could only pick one Spice Girls’ costume piece to buy, it would be the platform shoes. (Obviously Geri’s Union Jack dress isn’t at the auction.) Nothing gives you the Spice Girls look like a pair of perspex hooker heels.

6. Victoria Beckham Costume Floral Stretch-Jersey Bustier, £325 (approx. $540)

Victoria Beckham Costume Floral stretch-jersey bustierFor those people who enjoy collecting other people’s lingerie, here is a corset. Don’t get too excited though, it was a costume. However, there are a lot of other corsets, bras, and silky camisoles that you can buy and fantasize what you will about them.

7. Manolo Blahnik Chain-Trimmed Leather Pumps, £350 (approx. $582)

Manolo Blahnik chain-trimmed leather pumpsEven if you think you are too cool to be a Spice Girls or Victoria Beckham fan, the auction prices are decent for designer clothing. You can easily pay more than $600 for regular Manolo Blahnik heels.

8. Marks & Spencer Printed Stretch-Cotton Jersey Top, £180 (approx. $300)

Marks & Spencer printed stretch-cotton jersey topDon’t think that you could have picked this up for £30 at most, from affordable high street retailer Marks & Spencer in the later 1990s. The money would not have gone to charity and you probably would have stained yours with grape-flavored Popsicle. If you buy this now, you will keep it pristine.

9. Victoria Beckham Costume Spice Fan Club Printed Cotton T-Shirt, £250 (approx. $416)Victoria Beckham Costume Spice Fan Club printed cotton T-shirt

What?! Was there an official Spice Girls fan club besides the one me and my friends created at recess? We did not have t-shirts this cool.

 10. Prada Spiceworld Dress, Starts At £4,000 (approx. $6,660)

Prada Spiceworld DressIf you want to try buying something from the auction, I suggest you go for this Prada dress Posh wore in the cult classic film, Spiceworld. Before you call me insane for suggesting you buy a dress that costs over $6,000, let me explain. It is a reverse auction, so the price drops by a fixed amount every five minutes. When it gets low enough, place your bid. Don’t wait too long though.

(Photos: THE OUTNET)