Even Victoria And David Beckham's Coordinating Couples Outfits Are ImpeccableVictoria and David Beckham are entirely too good at dressing themselves.

You know those couples who dress up in coordinating outfits sometimes and you’re like, “Aw, that’s cute but also seriously you’re adult humans”? That is not the case with Posh and Becks’ outfits that went together for the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final match between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in London on Sunday. Indeed, while the couple has individually been pretty excellent on the style front for years and years, it was extra nice to see how well they matched up with these bold-colored outfits.

First, the menswear: David wore a navy Ralph Lauren double-breasted blazer with gold buttons, which looked fantastic with his white shirt, tie and chinos. And did I mention his perfect hair? His hair is perfect.

Even Victoria And David Beckham's Coordinating Couples Outfits Are Impeccable

Speaking of perfect hair, Victoria picked an elegantly disheveled ponytail to go with her beautiful navy, white, maroon and orange dress–a fun combination with a cool diagonal pattern. She carried a maroon sweater with her, which I am certain matched perfectly and would have wound up looking wonderful with the dress. Red Carpet Fashion Awards suspects that Victoria’s dress may have been a sneak preview at her Spring 2015 collection, and if that is the case, then color me excited.

All in all, the couple looked excellent together and can teach at least a few lessons on coordinating outfits with these two alone:

  • Don’t get too match-y with one another. Otherwise you will look like you’re theatrical performers rather than a couple that happens to share the same taste.
  • Choose the same color palette, but again, there’s no need to match each other with every shade, pattern and cut.
  • Shoot for the same level of dress. If your partner is dressed fancily and you are looking pretty casual, it doesn’t matter how perfectly the colors coordinate–you’ll still be off.

Is this outfit a win? Let us know!

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