Victoria Beckham carries baby Harper through LAX

Today, in things you probably could have deduced if you spent approximately four seconds thinking about them: Victoria Beckham outfits her (way cute) daughter Harper Beckham in pricey designer baby shoes. The whole collection is apparently worth £1,500 (or $2273.10) which, frankly, struck us as kind of low for a woman who has as many Birkins as she has facial expressions (like eight!). Hell, that’s barely more than the cost of one of Rachel Zoe‘s Louis Vuitton diaper bags.

The collection includes baby shoes from Hermes, Chloe, Burberry, and Bonpoint. To be fair, however, Harper also has shoes from more accessible brands from Zara, Nike and Hunter.

Anyway, the always tasteful and delightful Daily Mail took this information and subsequently compared Beckham’s cute toddler to Imelda Marcos:

With a shoe collection costing at least £1,500, Harper Beckham may be only 19 months old but she is gaining a collection set to rival that of Filipina politician Imelda Marcos, who has a legendary 2,700 pairs.

Good job, guys.

Thus, we chose a photo of Harper in $30 Converse sneaks because Imelda Marcos would never.

(Daily Mail, photo via Wenn)