victoria beckham

I know what you are saying to yourself. You’re saying, “What kind of lies have you worked into that headline, Jennifer? Next you will be telling me that Pluto is not a planet.” But no, friends, unlike Science, I would not lie to you! Victoria Beckham owns flat shoes. There’s a picture and everything.

I’m pretty sad, because up until this moment I thought Victoria Beckham was a lovely cyborb who could not extend her feet to touch the ground. I was wrong.  She posted a picture of them on her Twitter. Here. This picture:

victoria beckham sneakers

The caption reads ““Lets go running fashion bunnies!!! Beautiful evening in London x vb.”

You will note they are still custom made, and are emblazoned with the name “Posh.” Buzzfeed notes:

So she still loves her Spice Girls nickname, then — now let’s all can stop blaming her every time rumors of a Spice reunion pop up but never come to fruition.

Sometimes I think of Posh Spice as being a entirely different person from Victoria Beckham. Namely, I think that Posh Spice was someone who ate carbs and walked around flat-footed, whereas Victoria Beckham is… not. But then there are moments like these to remind me that they are, in fact, one and the same.

And both apparently love lime green shoes, which is surprising, because if I could have custom made sneakers, I think I would pick just about any other color. Periwinkle, maybe. I think I’d pick periwinkle. Or maybe a nice mauve. Alas, I am still not a 90’s icon. But when I get the time machine, I think things are really going to go my way.

Picture via Getty