victoria beckham spice girls olympics

Victoria Beckham has crushed our dreams this morning. No matter how successful she becomes as a fashion designer, we will always think of her as Posh Spice, one-fifth of the greatest band of all time. But while we are having trouble moving on from the late 90s, Victoria Beckham is not. She’s cut that cord, ripped off that Band-Aid, and said good-bye to the Spice Girls forever.

victoria beckham spice girls olympics

If the Spice Girls reunion at the 2012 Olympics only whetted your Spice Girls appetite, as it did ours, we have bad news: Victoria Beckham says it is never, ever happening again. So sorry. Buy her clothes.

According to The Daily Mail, Beckham broke the terrible news to Vanity Fair Italy and Spain.

“I won’t ever do it again,” she said. “Doing the Olympics was an incredible honour. I was so proud to do it; proud to be British. That was a perfect time to say, “That’s great. Thank you to everybody, but no more.” Sometimes you’ve got to know when it’s time to leave the party.”

Boo! That is just not fair. We didn’t even know we wanted a Spice Girls reunion until we saw them enter the Opening Ceremonies on top of their taxi cabs. (At least one of us cried.)

spice girls olympics

We’re all just going to have to savor that memory.