Victoria's Secret Angels - Deck The Halls

If you happen to live in a chilly part of the country, tis the season to use all the socks, scarfs and outerwear you can layer on to keep yourself warm — unless you’re one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, of course, in which case you wear a Santa teddy no matter how cold it gets. Commitment means frostbite, goddammit.

Last year, some of the Angels sang “Jingle Bells.” Well, sort of sang. They mostly just stuttered while looking very attractive; Adriana Lima, in particular, came off more likable to me than ever before in the video. They jumped around wearing various robes and cleavage shirts, tone deaf and adorable, and reminded the world that the holidays are upon us (or something).

This year, the ladies have teamed up yet again to bring you another awkwardly-sung video full of seemingly effortless giggling and confused eyebrow raises (which may or may not be effortless, too). While “Jingle Bells” showed a variety of outfits and locations, in 2012’s carol, Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Erin Heatherton, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel are all wearing the same corset-ish red lingerie complete with floofy white trim. As they forget the words to “Deck The Halls” and become frustrated, we are reminded that supermodels are often not singers (which is perfectly fine, because crossover stars are often extremely annoying).

Kroes comes off as the #1 adorable angel this year, unable to say “boughs of holly” and eventually musing, “It’s not fair to have a model singing.” Yes, well, it’s not fair that your boobs and ass defy gravity. If you would like to swap with my moderate singing skills, let’s pull a Little Mermaid and do this, Doutzen.

In any case, here is your yearly dose of really beautiful VS Angels forgetting the words to stuff. Enjoy!