Lily Aldridge Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015(Photo: Instagram/LilyAldridge)

We have seen the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show casting process, we have heard about the eye-watering cost of the Fantasy Bra, and we have seen Gigi Hadid‘s adorable reaction to landed a coveted spot in the show. We still have to wait until December 8th to see the actual 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but we get VIP access to the show thanks to models’ Instagram photos. The show taped last night and of course models still had time to capture the moment on social media in between getting their VS golden glow and angel wings strapped on their backs. Talk about multitasking.

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Take a look at the best photos from the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:

1. Constance Jablonski and Behati PrinslooConstance Jablonski Behati Prinsloo  2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/ConstanceJablonski)

Who says that models are fierce 24/7 and cannot goof off? Just take a look at Constance Jablonksi and Behati Prinsloo. Spoiler alert: Constance announced in this pic that Behati is opening the show this year.

2. Selena GomezSelena Gomez 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/SelenaGomez)

Can you spot the one who isn’t technically a Victoria’s Secret model? Selena Gomez performed at this year’s show. She looks like she could don a pair of angel wings and walk the runway with the rest of the models.

3. Joan SmallsJoan Smalls 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/JoanSmalls)

Here is your proof that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just as manic as any other fashion show. However, Joan Smalls doesn’t look frazzled. That’s a pro right there.

4. Josephine Skriver, Candice Swanepoel, Joan Smalls2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/JosephineSkriver)

This is another pic that you can add #squadgoals to. There are countless shots of the models in their pink striped robes but take a look at the clothing racks in the back. When you take away the wings, most of the wardrobe proabbly fits on one rack.

5. Kendall Jenner and Co.Kendall Jenner 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/KendallJenner)

The Victoria’s Secret runway models all get ready together backstage, but apparently they also like to take group trips to get ready in the bathroom, judging by Kendall Jenner’s Instagram pic.

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6. Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/EllieGoulding)

Ellie Goulding captioned this photo: “OMG can’t believe I’ve been selected as one of the VS models! Joke I’m just singing” Maybe next year she will come back and model?

7. Kendall JennerKendall Jenner 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 1

(Photo: Instagram/EmGaynor)

We know that Kendall Jenner is flawless and doesn’t even need an Instagram filter. The interesting thing about this photo is that you can see the backstage spread in the photo. Do you think there is a blender on hand if anyone wants a smoothie?

8. Adriana Lima and Kevin TachmanAdriana Lima 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/AdrianaLima)

This is Adriana Lima’s sixteenth Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Instead of just sharing gorgeous backstage selfies, she introduced us to photographer Kevin Tachman and his amazing camera decoration.

9. Josephine KriverJosephine Kriver 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/JosephineKriver)

Backstage touch-ups are usually super speedy and slightly panicked. However, Josephine Kriver looks calm, cool and collected during her touch-up for the second round. If you’re wondering why she needs anything touched up, you are not alone.

10. Sui HeBehati Prinsloo 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/SecretAgent212)

If you love spying what the pros are using backstage, take a good look here at what they’re using to get Sui He runway ready. Note the strange comb/flat iron/spatula on the pink towel.

11. Martha Hunt, Gigi Hadid and Ming XiMartha Hunt 2015 Victoria's Secret Fahsion Show

(Photo: Instagram/Marhunt)

Martha Hunt captioned this photo, “Gigi and Ming and the VS Lunch Lady.” You’ve got to love a girl with a sense of humor. However, Martha could definitely work that look on the runway.

12. Taylor Hill and Romee StrijdTaylor Hill Romee Strijd 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Photo: Instagram/Taylor_Hill)

There are plenty of pouty selfies from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but Taylor Hill and Romee Strjid show that the models like to goof around. You have to have fun when you’re walking around in a robe most of the time.