2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show

I’ll admit it: I get really excited for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Even though I could get the same experience from just moving through one of their catalogues really fast like a flip book, it’s cool to see the outlandish lingerie they put on display, and it’s cool to watch print models come to life on the runway. It doesn’t exactly make me feel fantastic about my own body (especially when all the models come forward around that time of year to talk about their licking-a-piece-of-cantaloupe diets and four-hour-a-day workouts), but I can put that aside to enjoy the show. It’s like football to me. My body could never do those things (like wearing diamond-studded bras and wings), but I can still appreciate seeing them done well.

When I heard that tickets to the infamous show were opening up to the public for the first time, I got pretty excited. I realized that I’d never be able to afford to actually go, and if I had a ton of money lying around for a show, I’d spend it on seeing Britney Spears in Vegas or something equally intellectually stimulating, but it was still nice to dream. Unfortunately, that dream came to a screeching halt when I found out what they’re charging. It came to a halt, it caught on fire, and it rolled lifelessly off a cliff. According to The Telegraph, tickets are starting somewhere around $16,600 and heading up to around $19,931 for a VIP pass. No. Those aren’t typos. Those aren’t typos.

Listen, I get that the show is all about exclusivity and making fantasies come to life, but exactly what kind of fantasy is worth more than my car? I’d pay a lot to watch Taylor Swift perform alongside some of my favorite goofball models, but my version of “a lot” is like “$200 tops if I don’t eat out for a month.” Who can afford these tickets and wouldn’t already be able to score an invitation? Who are these people? What is this world?

Via Fashionista / Photo: Getty Images