Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Miami Beach

The show’s over so it’s time to discuss, discuss, discuss! Which segment did you like most? Which did you like least? The show was divided into six parts: Grecian Goddess, Dangerous, The Modern, Pink, Fleur de Ballet and Black Tie Holiday. Cute names, but the looks didn’t translate as such.

What’s with calling a collection The Modern when all it is in ethnic-inspired robes and blankets?

Check out my favorites and gab about your own

I think my favorite collection was the closing group, Black Tie Holiday. The name is fitting, but more than that, some of the looks were completely awesome. It kicked off with Selita Banks in this corset which was engulfed with rhinestones, and a really cool arm piece. I am loving Selita’s fresh bob. The movement was perfect, and she proves that short hair can be insanely sexy. It’s all in the attitude!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Miami Beach

What was your favorite segment?