vs sport

(Instagram/Victoria’s Secret Sport)

If you watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last month, you noticed that a few of the girls (namely Gigi Hadid in an adorable firefighter’s outfit) modeled some of Pink‘s sports bras. Personally, I’ve been obsessed with the ever since. There’s something about their surprisingly chic simplicity (alliteration!) that elevates them beyond my go-to neon Target brand ones. I can only assume that the designer at Victoria’s Secret heard of my newfound love, because they decided that it was time to let Pink stop having all the fun. Victoria’s Secret is finally launching a sport line, and it is AWESOME.

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Victoria’s Secret Sport, as it’s so appropriately named, features a ridiculously wide variety of sports bras, workout tops and t-shirts, exercise leggings, running shorts, and more. They’ve been teasing the launch of the line on both Victoria’s Secret’s Instagram and the new Victoria’s Secret Sport Instagram (the very same one that features Angels showing off their workout routines) with the hashtag #ThisIsEpic, though it’s been a pretty open secret that VS has had a sport line in the works for quite some time, especially since the original Victoria’s Secret sport line sales were lower than expected.

While I’m always down for a funky printed pair of running tights, I’m most excited about the sports bras. Ranging from minimum to maximum support and running up to size DDD, there’s bound to be a good fit for just about everyone (and if you’re not sure where you fall, I highly recommend getting sized by someone at Victoria’s Secret—they’re basically boob whisperers).

The official launch of Victoria’s Secret Sport isn’t technically until Thursday, January 7, but that’s not going to stop us from getting excited about it now. Besides, there are already quite a few sport pieces available at Victoria’s Secret, and since the Semi-Annual Sale is still going on, you can pick them up at a majorly discounted price! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

The Show-Off by Victoria’s Secret Strappy-Back Sport Bra ($39.50)

vs strappy sports bra

This almost feels like more of a crop top than a sports bra given its length, but I’m not mad about it. Besides, it’s common practice to take off a sweat-drenched shirt in the gym—why not show off a fun bra when you do it?

Supersmooth Fleece Jogger ($69.50)

supersmooth fleece jogger

These joggers have two roles: you can wear them to the gym on a day where you just plan to focus on strength training (the fleece won’t bother you as much if you’re not actively trying to work up a sweat with cardio), or you can pair them with a crop top, heels, and a bold lip for a night out.

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The Player by Victoria’s Secret Tank ($26.50)

the player tank

A good, solid workout tank is a must-have in any fitness freak’s arsenal.

Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Tight ($64.50)

knockout tights

I generally stick to running tights when I spin, and these are just all kinds of exciting.

Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra ($19.99)

incredible sport bra

See what I mean about there being great discounts?

If I had to guess, I’d say that the revamped Victoria’s Secret Sport will look a lot like that last bra. I’m expected fewer bright colors, styles that are a little less young (and, hopefully, perhaps a little bit less overtly trying-to-be-sporty-and-sexy), and, if the Instagram pictures are to be believed, maybe even a little more black. And you know me: paint a piece of clothing black and I’m sold.

Then again, this secret could be more along the lines of an event rather than I new line, and I could just eating my words come Thursday. Only time will tell!

Keep checking the Victoria’s Secret Sport Instagram page for updates, and check back on The Gloss on Thursday, January 7, for updates on the launch!