victoria's secret fashion disaster

Victoria’s Secret models are supposed to be the paragon of conventional physical beauty. They’re tall, tan, slim but still somehow curvy, and they wear only bras and bikinis 24 hours a day. But despite the fact that Victoria’s Secret models have some of the most conventionally attractive bodies in the world, sometimes they still don’t measure up, and then the company sends in a click-happy Photoshop master to mess with their figures.

The goal is a degree of perfection that does not exist anywhere in nature, but what we wind up with is often just crazy, as in the case of this nice blonde model who definitely does not make us want to buy that bandeau bikini.

It looks like the model has thrust her shoulders back so far the right fell off, but the thing that confuses us is that if they were going to go in and remove one of her shoulders, why wouldn’t they have fixed up whatever is going on between the bandeau top and her right boob? Because that cup definitely appears to be wandering down in an uncomfortable and unflattering way. Strapless bikinis are a fraught proposition at the best of times, and if they can’t even keep it up during the photo shoot, we don’t want anything to do with it.

Considering that the bikini top was originally priced at $98.50 and is now on clearance for just $19.99, it seems nobody looked at this ad and thought, “That bikini would look great on me.” Because if it can make the model’s boobs look weird and cost her a shoulder, the rest of us don’t want to be anywhere near it.

Via Photoshop Disasters/Image Via Victoria’s Secret