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Anderson Cooper has a segment on his CNN show where he makes fun of ridiculous things, so it was only a matter of time before the Olsen Twins’ $34,000 alligator backpack (which is now sold out!) made it on the air. In last night’s “Ridiculist” segment, he made fun of the backpack for being so expensive, as well as the Olsen Twins’ statement that sales of luxury goods go up in a recession. Did he mispronounce “Hermès” on purpose just to prove he could give a fuck about fashion? Who knows.

While this segment wasn’t quite as funny as other “Ridiculist” segments, the more amusing part came at the end when he suggested other famous twins that should get into the fashion game. It seems like that’s just a slideshow waiting to happen. I’m giving you that one for free, my fellow fashion bloggers.