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Ever since he got into trouble for his anti-Semitic remarks, it’s been pretty hard for the press to get a hold of John Galliano for interviews. Luckily, Conan was able to track down his “twin brother,” Joe Galliano, and ask him a few questions on his show last night.

The entire joke here is that John Galliano is foppish and wears funny hats, which, while not terribly sophisticated, is funny enough for late night audiences across America, I guess. Personally, I think Conan’s letting him off a bit easy. I mean, the guy was just convicted of hate speech, and this is what you choose to make fun of him for? Habedashery? Then again, maybe he was just out of his mind on drugs, and deserves a second chance at being a person. In which case, I guess it’s sweet to re-incorporate him into pop culture like this. On yet another hand, we’ve all said stupid things when drunk, but I’m not sure it’s possible for drugs and/or alcohol to turn a nice, normal person into an incredibly racist person. I am totally drunk and high all the time, so I would know.

I also think it’s interesting how these stories filter down to general interest shows like Conan. Since when are designers like John Galliano famous enough to get the late night talk show treatment? Since they get caught up in high profile bigotry trials, I suppose. It’s interesting for Americans to see how this kind of stuff plays out in a country that’s decided racial harmony is more important than freedom of speech. Both France and America still have serious problems with racism, but we’ve chosen to deal with them quite differently.