[fivemin video=”517233794″ link=”http://www.5min.com/Video/Behind-the-Clothes-Courtney-Love-517233794″ title=”Behind the Clothes: Courtney Love”]

It seems like ever since she got accused of fucking up its interior, Courtney Love has been intent on proving just how nice her West Village townhouse is by letting reporters in to take a look. No complaints here.

First, there was that tour of the house that her BFFs at xojane published. Now, she’s invited model manager Scott Lipps and fashion site Stylelist to check out what’s in her closet.

The video is full of engaging Courtney anecdotes, like how she used to steal dry rotted vintage clothes from the Paramount studio where she worked and re-purpose them. I also love the defensiveness with which she says, “and, for the Hamptons, an Herve Leger bandage dress, dammit,” because yes, one should be defensive about that.

Other great tidbits include Courtney’s most worn item (a white Chloe blouse), and the money quote, “I’m really big on Westwood even though my boob has popped out twice now.” Bless her heart. It is sad, however, that her house guests keep stealing Kurt’s stuff.

(Via Stylelist)