Crystal Renn has come under fire recently because she’s lost a lot of weight. Some are disappointed that the once-voluptuous mannequin started to look noticeably like a straight size model while simultaneously enjoying a career renaissance, but she’s stunning at any size and–so long as she’s not struggling with an eating disorder–we’re so glad to see her in fashion magazines. Although it seems absurd to call her plus size, Crystal looks a lot healthier than most of her counterparts. She doesn’t look sick, she looks radiant.

As the obviously-more-eloquent-than-me Ford blog put it:

For some a thinner Crystal Renn has meant betrayal of the very foundations upon which she built her career as the most famous plus model in the world. On the face of it, these accusations appear founded, but do not hold up when subjected to further scrutiny. Lost in the discussion has been Crystal’s steady call for greater diversity in fashion and especially as it concerns size. In the interview Crystal makes plain the fact that were she now to maintain a larger size she would have to develop a binge eating disorder to do so. It is this same pressure on her size, Crystal argues, that lead to her developing anorexia in the first place. This is a pressure she says she will resist. Her body certainly has changed, but her message for diversity in fashion has not.

Check her out below: