How do you turn Joan Rivers from the Queen of Mean into a giggling, lovable old lady? By getting her high, of course.

The judgmental fashion personality gets incredibly stoned off medical marijuana in a new episode of her reality show Joan and Melissa, causing Melissa to act like her parent. Apparently, all you need to do in California to buy pot legally is tell a doctor you have a case of the grumpies, and it’s off to the dispensary you go. (Considering Joan’s body of work, I’m sure she had no trouble proving that.) In the blink of a tight, Botox-ed eye, Joan and her friend Lynne are off smoking grass out of a bong in a parking lot like a couple of rebellious teens.

But all is not chill in the land of Rivers! You see, Melissa’s boyfriend’s parents are in town, and while some might think the chance to see Joan Rivers acting ridiculous under the influence would be an exciting perk to having your son date her daughter, Melissa is none too pleased. “My 78-year-old mother has now become 17, and I’ve become a soccer mom yelling at her teenage kid,” she sighs. What a square.

Melissa takes the pair to a food truck to satisfy their munchies (and kill some time while her dude’s parents go to bed), and Joan marvels at this new thing called “street food”:

You have made a great meal! In a truck!! Where are you from? (“Venezuela.”) A truck probably means more to you there.

The piece de resistance comes at the end, though, when a fully clothed Joan and Lynne get in the hot tub and drink chlorinated water out of each other’s shoes to cement their friendship. Whatever makes you happy, honey.

(Via The Daily Mail)