Global pop star and proud twin incubator Mariah Carey made a ton of bloggers (self included) very happy with her mildly insane appearance on the Home Shopping Network a few months ago. Catch phrases like “I need a fragrant moment” and “there’s push gifts here” were not to be missed. Today, she came back to shill her line of products on HSN again, and it would appear she’s grown somewhat self-aware about her loopiness.

“The best thing is that all the people on the internet get to edit this and cut it together will have so much fun,” she said. “I won’t mention too many sites right now because I don’t want to leave anyone out who’s gonna mock me, I want to give them enough space to do it.”

How sweet of her! Personally, I would hate to be left off her list of the people who mock her when I work so diligently to do so. Some people are saying it won’t be as much fun to make supercuts if Mariah knows about us, but I’m hoping she’ll take the opportunity to say ever nuttier things, so as to maximize her montage-ability. I don’t really care if it shifts from unintentional to intentional comedy, assuming it’s still funny.

Still, there’s nothing like that first golden moment when you realize a celebrity is sincerely off her rocker. Never forget:


(Via fourfour)