Would you like to see Raquel Zimmermann, Karen Elson, and head designer Alber Elbaz dance awkwardly to Latin rap while wearing fancy Lanvin outfits? Because Lanvin thinks you would. And guess what? Lanvin is probably right.

For its fall/winter campaign this year, the storied luxury fashion house decided to do something a little bit “different” and have its models (and head designer!) “dance” to Pitbull’s booty-bumping insta-classic, “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho).” They get down as only a group of spindly, alabaster-skinned fashion people can, i.e., with minimal disturbance to the hip and ass area. It’s funny, see, because the rich white people who buy Lanvin do not normally enjoy dancing to Latin rap. And because fashion models do not generally appear in rap videos. Oh wait

The thing is, rich white people are actually listening to a lot of rap music these days, because they’ve discovered that rap is good. And many rappers have adopted designer brands as symbols of their ascension from poverty. (This is what scions of privilege like that awful Hilfiger kid are missing when they decide it’s cool to rap about all the expensive stuff they have.) Is this an outdated attempt at juxtapositional humor, or a mere reflection of the fact that rappers and couturiers are swapping signifiers with gleeful, post racial abandon now? I’m not sure yet, I think I have to watch it a few more times. Aaaw, look at them go.