Uber-twee girly lifestyle site Hello Giggles has a feature called “video chat karaoke” wherein they (“they” being Molly McAleer, Sophia Rossi, and Zooey Deschanel) get their famous and non-famous friends to film videos of themselves singing or lip syncing to songs over video chat. The latest one features everyone’s favorite little fashion savant Tavi Gevinson, who, at 15, is really not so little anymore. Like most things Tavi does, it’s both cute and a little bit sardonic. This is an annoying pop song for princesses, but she makes it funny by dressing like a mall Goth.

In related news, Tavi is growing up into a total babe. Look at this picture someone called Tres Awesome took of her at the Pitchfork Music Festival:

How long before she models for some cool, avant-garde photospread? I don’t think anyone would hold it against her.