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CADAVER – The Film – Trailer from JAMS on Vimeo.

Q: Is there anything this kid can’t do? A: Nothing that we know of, yet. Except for maybe a back flip-flop.

We already knew 15-year-old Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson could sing, as evidenced by this self-shot video in which she sings Joni Mitchell‘s  “Case Of You” really, really well. Now, she can be heard singing and voice-acting in a new 2D animated short film called Cadaver. It’s about a cadaver who wakes up to say a last goodbye to his wife, which sounds terribly romantic and like it’s going to make me cry.

In the trailer above, Tavi sings Neil Young‘s “Heart Of Gold” in her sweet little voice, which is especially impressive considering Neil Young doesn’t approve his songs to be used in movies and TV all that often. According to the director’s statement, the film was inspired by a poem director Jonah Ansell wrote to his sister after she balked at having to cut open her first human cadaver in medical school. Gevinson called it “the least sappy but most tender love story I’ve ever encountered,” and I think it looks great.

(Via HuffPo)