Perhaps you heard about the controversy surrounding this Lane Bryant ad. After watching it I’m pretty sure that when Fox and ABC said it was too sexy for them to broadcast, they were trying to be polite, because really, it was just too cheesy.

Because – get ready for it – the woman is going on a date wearing nothing under her trenchcoat but underwear! Yeah, that move hasn’t been played out 750 times in the past week. Next she will be meeting her man at the door wearing nothing but Saran wrap! Or something else that Nora Ephron would have made fun of in the 1970’s. And incidentally, she’s in for a really akward moment over lunch when Dan keeps asking her why she is clutching her coat to her so tightly and she just has to be all “oh, it’s so chilly!” That trenchcoat move only works for midnight rendezvous. Honestly, if this is what passes for scandalous in America then we all need to move to Berlin on our lunch break.