I never thought I’d find myself putting the phrases “Olsen twins” and “wet t-shirt contest” together in the same blog post, but life is weird, I suppose.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen just posted a promo video for a contest their StyleMint t-shirt line is having, and it’s actually a tiny bit bawdy, in a goofy way. In it, we see les soeurs Olsen splashing each other in a kiddie pool until one of them has soaked the other’s stylish t-shirt straight through, forcing her to cover up. Hey now!

This is notable because it seems so pleasantly out of character for them. Ever since the high fashion duo exited the realm of child stardom, they’ve meticulously rid their image of any lingering jokeyness. That they’re willing to let their silly side show a little might mean that they’ve grown a lot more comfortable with who they are, as well as secure with their reputation as influential fashionistas.

Also, hey, Michelle Tanner is all grown up and has boobs. Which she must keep covered, for modesty. I feel old.

Anyway, the contest calls for photo or video entries depicting how you keep cool while wearing a t-shirt in the summer, and the prize is 12 nice-looking t-shirts from StyleMint. Anyone interested in entering can do so over at the line’s Facebook page.