Public breakdowns are always the best, aren’t they? You’ve finally reached the end of line, emotionally and otherwise, and then you snap and lose your shit.

On next week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion, we get to see aspiring model, Louise, tell off the panel of judges including Tyra Banks herself — yikes — then accuse the others of being rude to her. As Tyra tells Louise she has an issue with authority, Louise sort of checks out and begins to scratch her arm as if to say: “Yeah, I’m fucking done with this shit.” Then just a few minutes later she runs for the door, drops a bunch of f-bombs and stands in the street screaming that she needs to go home. I mean, they did accuse her of looking mean all the time and of shaking her head too much; but hey, that’s just how some of us roll. The highlight is that while outside she screams that if she sees judge and publicist Kelly Cutrone on the street, she’ll “knock her out.”

It’s pretty fucking bad ass and if the rest of us could learn to behave in such a manner when we’ve reached our last nerve, perhaps people would be more pleasant to each other. Or maybe not, but I like to believe they would be. Go, Louise, go! You just became my personal hero.

[youtube_iframe id=”E9rL3AXCu1k”]