Footage of everyone’s favorite candy colored rapper, singer, and friend to Anna Wintour‘s performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show hit the internet today, and unsurprisingly, kill it she did. Jay-Z and Kanye West made strong showings as well, but Ms. Minaj seems tailor made for this kind of event, what with her fabulous style, catchy hooks, and amazing facial expressions. It’s a well known fact that Nicki has some sort of magical mojo that makes garish colors and chicken wing necklaces look good, and I dare say she managed to transmit it to the models such that they no longer looked like horribly done-up pawns in a try-hard-y lingerie show, but totally appropriately dressed fly girls simply helping Nicki to perform her hit “Super Bass.” She’s that powerful.

It’s also cute to watch the models freak out over Nicki and try to dance to the song, some more successfully than others. But not so cute that I don’t wish the camera had stayed on her a bit more.

Here are the other performances:



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(Via Spin)