Back in April, artist Billie Achilleos was hired by Louis Vuitton (for the second time) to make art out of their famous bags for the 100th anniversary of their LSLG Savoir Faire collection, and man, did she deliver. She turned the fancy bags into cute critters like a grasshopper, a chameleon, and a beaver, and subsequently displayed them at a press event in Paris. I can only imagine how pleasurable it must have felt to cut up a thousand-dollar handbag knowing someone else paid for it. If that’s not the most fun you can have with a pair of scissors, I don’t know what is.

Now there’s a video showing Achilleos’ creative process from start to finish, and it, like the sculptures, is pretty interesting. It shows her sketching, thinking, making the actual things, and ultimately, showing them off. As much as I wish she’d taken this chance to do something a little more strange and/or subversive, that probably wouldn’t have gone over well with the company. However, I do kind of hope she kept a few bags for herself and is going to use them in a super weird non-commissioned art piece someday. How awesome would it be to see an LV bag turned into, say, the vagina dentata it has always truly been, all toothy and covered in menstrual blood? A quick glance at her website full of beautiful sculptures shows she’s not really that kind of artist, but hey, a girl can dream.