With all their combined notoriety in the fashion world, I’m sort of surprised wise dinosaur Karl Lagerfeld and fertile space monster Lady Gaga didn’t properly meet until recently. But as it turns out, they were just waiting for the proper public forum to make their meeting as epic as possible: a strange French talk show where they would be forced to communicate mainly in guttural grunts and purrs. Yes, I’m talking about French. The language of high fashion avant garde amour.

In this clip from the talk show Le Grand Journal, Karl has brought his white-gold iPad along, which the host amusingly refers to as “le bling bling.” He wishes to take un photo of Lady Gaga, who obliges by doing her best impression of a supermodel undergoing a coke stroke. You have to hand it to her, girlfriend makes every iPhone photo into a chance to art direct herself. “The first photo of Lady Gaga by Karl Lagerfeld,” the host observantly notes in French, and the crowd goes wild. Lady Gaga clutches the iPad to her chest as she is overwhelmed with emotion, and maybe a bit of sexy fear. (Can Lady Gaga actually speak French? She looks a little confused.)

Anyway, the whole thing is pretty adorable, and K and G are a match made in heaven. They are probably eating calorie-less slime from Nobu off a platinum platter on the moon by now, because that’s how they do in Fabulous Person Land. Oh, the glamor.

(Via Styleite)