Marquise de Merteuil

If you have not seen Dangerous Liasons I do not know what kind of choices you are making with your life. Why are you sitting reading a website right now? Jesus Christ, stop being so dumb. Go watch Dangerous Liasons immediately. It’s about 18th century French aristocrats playing sex games because they are sophisticated and bored and well read. It’s everything you ever wanted Fifty Shades of Grey to be. And according to Sparknotes:

The Marquise de Merteuil is a self-described, self-made woman. She writes that she is her own creator. As a young girl Merteuil refused to let fate or society describe her, and began to compose herself. After her husband died, she set about educating herself and creating a reputation. Since then, she has remained at the top of the heap through careful manipulation, never once letting her guard down.

Admittedly, she never uses her power for good, it’s really only to sexually manipulate people and shame people she feel has wronged her. That’s why she’s a villainess and not a heroine.

You should dress exactly like her, pretty much.

Picture via Dangerous Liasons [ITPGallery]