Kristen Stewart Woody Allen Vintage LookAs much as everyone loves nostalgia (hello #ThrowbackThursday), we are always searching for what is new and what is next in fashion. However, sometimes it is good to take inspiration from the past. Kristen Stewart was photographed on set of the new Woody Allen movie in a retro outfit. It was very cute, chic and nothing like what Kristen normally wears but it looked so good on her. Even if you’re not a lover of vintage, you’ll probably consider adding a cropped tie-front blouse to your wardrobe after seeing it.

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Get inspired to try a retro look with these five outfits:

1. Retro Polka DotsRetro Polka Dots Outfit

You can add a bit of retro into your look for all occasions, including work. A pencil skirt and bow blouse are classic pieces. The pop of color in the skirt and the chic accessories give it the necessary modern touch.

Get the look:

2. Vintage Tie-Up BlouseVintage Tie-Up Blouse Outfit

If you loved Kristen Stewart’s look, what is stopping you from recreating it? Wear your new culottes with a front tie crop top. If you choose a pastel color palette, skip the ankle socks and hair bow. It’ll be sweet enough.

Get the look:

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3. Classic Belted DressVintage Belt Dress Outfit

This belted dress isn’t just the perfect throwback piece, it is also very flattering. Play up the soft colors in the dress with coordinating accessories and soft makeup.

Get the look:

4. Old School Beach RomperVintage Romper Outfit

Who doesn’t look at old beach photos and wish for the glory days of the high-waisted bikini? This cutout romper is modern but nostalgic, especially when it is paired with a big floppy hat and cat eye sunglasses.

Get the look:

5. Timeless MonochromeVintage Monochrome Outfit

Channel Audrey Hepburn with a black and white look. It’s elegant, simple and chic, and is only improved with a swipe of red lipstick.

Get the look:

(Photo: GC Images/Getty Images)