Another Sunday, another Etsy look-around.  If you’ve never shopped Etsy before, take a look. It’s a cyber mall full of unique handmade items.  I’ve purchases perfume, candles, a tote bag, and earrings there. All beautiful items unlike anything I’d find at Target (although I enjoy Target, as well).

Today, I found jewelry made out of vintage typewriter keys – typewriters from the 1800s-1940s. How cool is that? 

I love words and letters and anything to do with words and letters, so you might be able to guess how much I am coveting a pair of tab key earrings. The jewelry is all handmade and unique. Take a look at PreciousPastime’s shop for the Typewriter Treasures.


Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings


Vintage Typewriter Key Watch

Image credit: PreciousPastime’s Shop at