cate blanchett dress

As we all know, Cate Blanchett could wrap herself in woven string cheese and Saran Wrap and inexplicably land on everyone’s “Best Dressed” list. Except it wouldn’t be inexplicable. It would be explained by the sentence, “Because she’s Cate Blanchett.” But her look last night for a luncheon celebrating Blue Jasmine? Well, I completely love it, but I have no idea whether or not it is something any mere mortal such as myself can pull off.

The sheer black dress clings to her gorgeously, and its nude fabric underneath the overlay keeps her from exposing too much. However, it appears that some sort of bra thing is going on underneath the top portion, which is a little confusing. Unfortunately, we don’t have photo access to the full dress (a better photo is here!), but this pic posted to Instagram — which includes cute Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bobby Cannavale cameos! — showed the main portion I’m referring to. (Better pic here, though!) Basically, she looks wonderful. But is this look for everyone?

With all the sheer, lacy clothing trends that come about every other season, it’s hard to know when you should go for the gold with the see-through thing or wear a tank top underneath. My general rule: for work or work-like situations, I’m generally careful not to expose my bra. If I’m going out to, say, a concert, I’m significantly less concerned what anybody thinks of my outfit. I’m not about to run around at Coachella in the sun with three layers on, ya feel me?

However, I am totally torn when it comes to fancy events. You can constantly see celebrities’ bras under dresses on the red carpet, but…well, they’re celebrities. They do weird things. They wear weird stuff. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think that because I look at celebrities on red carpets every day, often wearing see-through garments, I’m more adjusted than I should be to the idea.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Is the visible bra a big no-no or can it work for certain events, at specific times and (perhaps saddeningly) on only a few people? Or, even better, is it a universally awesome trend that works all across the board? I personally think it looks great, but…yeah. Help! I am completely clueless, which should come as no surprise to anyone, but I trust your judgment to guide me in the right direction.

Photo via Instagram.