All right, I admit it: I’m officially jealous of Anne Hathaway. I fought it, man, but I just love this dress so much now that I can see it in its entirety. She showed her lovely dress, made by Valentino, in a beautiful photo for December’s issue of Vogue. The design is fantastic: it’s made of ivory silk point d’esprit tulle, the bottom is hand-painted a pale pink and the train is embroidered with flowers made of satin. Basically, it’s amazing.

As I mentioned when we saw the original extremely fuzzy photos, I really, really want to buy a rad wedding dress and since I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to afford/justify a Valentino for my possible future union, I admit that this photo gives me some pangs of jealousy. Mostly, though, it makes me wonder if she was inspired by Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress, given the pink hombre look (although Stefani’s was a much more vivid graduation). And it makes me smile. Happy people having happy days in happy dresses makes me smile, dammit.

A lot of people I know have stated that they hated the headband, but I personally think it looks fantastic:

It reflects the upper structure of the dress and looks great with her hair, so I’m a huge fan. At this point, I should stop gushing and just say that hers is my favorite bridal look of 2012; it’s elegant, interesting and subtly enormous, all of which make for beautiful wedding style.

Photos: Vogue/Meg Smith/WireImage/The Girl Effect & US Magazine.