Adding to the growing pile of evidence that Italian Vogue is the best Vogue, Vogue Italia has combined haute couture and internet culture by previewing their March issue’s three covers in animated GIF form.

The three GIFs are composed of pictures shot by Steven Meisel and feature Guinevere van Seenus, Coco Rocha, and Abbey Lee Kershaw, in that order. They have a kitschy, pop art quality to them, and are colorful and amusing enough that I’m willing to ignore their utilization of the tired, vaguely uncomfortable trope of “models eating junk food.” Check them out:

You just know her agent was screaming at her to avoid actually swallowing any Cheese Doodles here.

Love the crazy nails and the way she attacks that soft drink.

She looks like a cross between the leader of a chola gang and Edina Monsoon. I’m into it.