The 2014 Met Gala is Monday, and we thought we couldn’t possibly be any more psyched for it. But Vogue has gone and upped the ante with the cutest possible Met Gala promotion this year, featuring a 4-year-old in recreations of all the most famous Met Gala dresses of all time.

The 4-year-old in question is Mayhem, who has become something of an Internet celebrity since her mother started making her paper couture dresses and photographing them for Instagram.

Check her out in Rihanna‘s puffed-sleeve suit from Dolce & Gabbana: 

Too cute. Cannot deal.

“We might not be able to call this one an iconic #metgala dress, per se, but it is definitely an iconic#metgala look thanks to @badgalriri—and now Mayhem,” Vogue captioned the photo.

Suddenly I am very much looking forward to having a toddler of my own to dress up like y own little Samantha doll.

I’m deeply impressed by how much work must have gone into these paper recreations, but I hope this project has time for at least a few more looks, because at least one is missing. I did not realize I had been waiting my whole life to see a 4-year-old wearing Kim Kardashian‘s couch-print Givenchy from last year, but apparently I have. If little Mayhem does not wind up duplicating that look I am going to have to make a tiny, rose-print turtleneck gown for my cat, and she is not going to like that one bit.

(Photos: Instagram/VogueMagazine)