Greetings, lovers of fashion websites and dinosaurs (i.e. all of you). Your day is about to get 100% better.

Remember when you finally managed to correctly input the secret code to Sonic The Hedgehog and you were so excited you almost forgot to play the game afterwards? This is the semi-grown-up version of that.

Some clever computer nerd has inserted an Easter egg into Vogue.co.uk (among other UK websites) which will display an infinite number of dinosaurs in hats if you just type it in. And not just any kind of hats: fancy designer hats. Classy!

To try it out, just go to Vogue UK’s website and type in what is known as The Konami Code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. That’s it! To make more dinosaurs appear, just keep hitting A. How much fun is that? A: It is the most fun.

It’s unclear whether this glorious hack was inserted by a bored Vogue employee or some benevolent dinos-in-hats fairy or Anonymous, but it’s been up for a whole day now, so maybe it’s authorized? In any case, when dinos in hats appear on a major fashion site, ours is not to question why. Just look at those guys and gals busily hurrying their way past Kate Moss like they’ve got places to be! I bet they are going to the scariest party ever.

UPDATE: As it turns out, it wasn’t a hack at all, but an authorized Easter egg Vogue UK and a few other publications put there on purpose. Awesome!

(Via Fashionista)

Image: Vogue UK