Kate Winslet Vogue November 2013

Despite the fact that she’s widely loved as an actress–and lauded as a crusader for more positive body image–there’s been a hefty internet-wide backlash to Kate Winslet‘s recently-dropped Vogue cover. Of course, the problem has nothing to do with Winslet herself… and everything to do with Vogue‘s over-eager retouchers.

But the painting of Winslet on the November cover isn’t exactly new territory for Voguethey recently hacked off Claire Danes‘ limbs, for one. Moreover, there are quite a few covers from the last ten years that rival Winslet’s for showcasing humans who don’t exactly resemble humans. Let’s take a look.


Perhaps the first cover that springs to mind whenever we think of overzealous Photoshop jobs: Gwyneth Paltrow or, rather, a painting of her, for May 2008.

Lady-Gaga-September-2012-Vogue-600x861Of course, Lady Gaga‘s September 2012 cover is hard to beat. Especially when we know what Gaga looked like on set.


Adele‘s cover was met with anger by anyone who has seen Adele’s body (not that Vogue didn’t try really hard to hide it).


Carey Mulligan‘s Gatsby tie-in cover had a torso problem.


And Cate Blanchett elegantly hovered over this field back in 2009.


Nicole Kidman‘s face was scrubbed of any and all texture in 2006.


And this beautiful rendering of Jennifer Lopez ran in April 2012.


Michelle Williams‘s Marilyn hair doesn’t look much like human hair at all.

Taylor Swift US Vogue February 2012 cover-thumb-468x659-150465

And Taylor Swift doesn’t usually look so possessed.


Emma Stone suffered a similar fate.

blake_lively_vogue_february2009_01In February 2009, Vogue gave Blake Lively–as our fellow editor Sam aptly put it–“Barbie joints.”

tina fey vogueThey played with lighting and shadows to make Tina Fey look as little like Tina Fey as possible in 2010.

nicole-marion-penelope-kate-vogue-november-2009And our favorite of them all: to pimp the release of Nine, Vogue patched together this hilarious composite of Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson. Count the problems on your own time.

.Bonus time: though we were focusing on American Vogue here, we couldn’t resist including…

Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-for-Vogue-UK-CoverThis hyper-stylized Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for British Vogue.

Natasha-Poly-Vogue-Russia-Cover-August-2012And Natasha Poly‘s floating hand for Vogue Russia.