I want you to know I spent the morning obsessing over this.


I am waving at you because we are voting today! If you live in the US!

I normally wear dresses – because I’m not a farmer – but I thought, if I show up in some sort of shift dress and pearls like I wear every day, people are going to think I am voting for Mitt Romney. I live in New York. It’s possible that they would just turn on me, like in The Bacchae. More importantly, I was not going to stand there in line for an hour or however long it takes with people thinking I was voting Romney. I just wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even if I was voting for Romney.

So I put on blue jeans I layered a collared shirt (with red and blue in it! SEE THE RED AND BLUE LIKE PATRIOTISM?) like I’m Winnie Cooper, and I am wearing… this. This is what I am wearing to vote. See the picture. Above.

I think it says “I believe in social justice.” What this picture doesn’t show you is the “OBAMA 4 EVER” tattoo on my forehead, because I covered that really well, using some great  primer and foundation.

Look, honestly, I should have just worn some Barack Obama t-shirt if I was so into people seeing who I’m voting for.

I don’t have a Barack Obama t-shirt. I guess I didn’t plan very well.

So. What are you wearing to vote? Do you have lucky pieces of clothing? Tattoos that will be incredibly appropriate only for the next four years? You tell me! I am just a cool relaxed democrat who loves layering sweaters! Maybe later I will play you some music on an acoustic guitar! My entire world is changing!

God, I can’t wait to wear a shift dress again tomorrow. Pants are really confining.