One day, 2 friends/co-worker named Jon Fruman and Ryan Brown thought what if they wore a necktie everyday for the month of October? And to make it more interesting, let people vote on who wear the tie best. But first, they had to make rules and here they are :

* A tie must be worn every work day in the month of October
* The same tie cannot be worn more than once
* Contestant must wear a shirt with some sort of collar . (can’t pair a t-shirt and a tie, etc.)
* Ties cannot be removed during the work day, regardless of . work activities (e.g., ping pong, rough day, jazzercise)

The Loser is the first person to break any of the above rules or whomever receives the lower number of total votes in the month-long “who wore it best?” competition.

The WINNER is the other guy.

Ryan Brown was nice enough to let me show you some pictures.




Jon Fruman is on the left, Ryan Brown is on the right. They both look good, don’t they. Thumbs up to both of them. Another point goes to Jon Fruman for wearing colors really well with patterned ties. And kudos to his pink shirt. However, Ryan Brown has worn his neckties with other pieces in his wardrobe like a sportscoat, blazer, cardigan, vest, and even caps. MAJOR kudos to Ryan for utilizing all the other items in his closet with his neckties, on separate days of course. I mean, even the umbrella got some exposure. Now that’s a guy who knows how to wear a necktie. No offense to Jon of course coz he’s also holding his own but I’m on TEAM RYAN :) .

Go to to cast your own votes. It seems the two friends are having a wicked time wearing their neckties. I’m hoping they think of something even more clever for November.

(Images : Tie Or Die)