You already know about Elle and their somewhat strange, possibly offensive treatment of Mindy Kaling on their February 2014 cover, but another magazine has put out a series of covers worth talking about. Kudos to W magazine for seriously kicking out the jams for the covers of their “Movie” issue. The magazine has put out six different covers chronicling the best films and performances of 2013, featuring Amy Adams, Oprah, Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and…one sortakinda random dude.


amy-adams-w cate_blanchett_w-mag jennifer-lawrence-w-mag lupita-w-mag oprah_w-cover

And who is the lucky man who gets to be featured alongside these amazing ladies?


Matthew McConaughey!!

Do not get me wrong; I don’t have anything against Matthew McConaughey. I hear his performance in The Dallas Buyer’s Club is amazing, and he seems like a nice, slow talkin’ Texas guy, as well as a talented actor. I can appreciate that. But man, was he a random, last minute inclusion? I picture a W editorial meeting where they were sitting around like, “Ok, we have five awesome, buzzed-about women for the covers. What else do we need? Oh yeah! A dude!”

I want to say that I also think the photos are gorgeous—I especially love the subdued, Instagram-y filter tones. (Can you tell how much I learned about photographic terminology in one semester of high school photo?) It’s also terrific to see two women of color featured prominently on a national magazine cover, one who is already incredibly famous (Oprah) and one who is on her way up (Lupita).

Ok, now let’s talk about the clothes. Matthew McConaughey’s shiny, bright blue suit is…interesting. J.Law is totally rocking that floral crop top and high-waisted hot shorts set. Cate Blanchett looks radiant in an oversize 70s-does-30s boa and classic Hollywood red lips. Even with strangely limp-looking (perhaps it’s wet?) hair and while holding her boobs, Amy Adams manages to look great in a floofy pink gown. Lupita Nyong’o is flawless in a strapless print dress. And Oprah in orange? I love it. I freaking love it.

To see more of Juergen Teller‘s photos of the stars and read the accompanying stories, visit W‘s website.

Photos: W Magazine