Runway shows can be as much about creating a giant spectacle as they are about the clothes…

Some of the designers from Paris Fashion Week are certainly proving that!

Check out some of these extreme, um – hats?  Headwear?  Sculpture?  Gardening experiments? from the Spring & Summer 2010 collections:

How many of us played with pots, pans and collanders as kids?  I bet you’ve got a photo stashed away somewhere with a strainer on your head, right?

Do we want to wear them as adults too?

Lie Sang Bong show

Hat by South Korean designer Lie Sang Bong.

I have to admit, I have a peculiar requirements for hats.

I need to be able to see when I wear them…

Lie Sang Bong show

Also by Lie Sang Bong.

I’m not quite sure if this one reminds me more of those little paper frills that used to be placed on roasts, or of a giant party decoration:

Hiroko Koshino Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2010 collection

By Hiroko Koshino.

I love floral accents on hats, and let’s face it – feathers have been used on hats for centuries:

Paris Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear S/S 2010 - Bernard Willhem

This creation from Bernard Willhem takes it to a whole other level though…

images: Zuma Press