One of my favorite brands, French Connection, is on sale at today. I am so excited – some of my sexiest (yet cute) dresses and skirts come from them – and I’m getting ready to stock up for a few upcoming trips.

(Not to mention FASHION WEEK.)

I, however, have meetings in the city all morning. So, please, please, if you are a size 2…stay away. DO NOT SHOP. Once I get my stuff, then you can proceed.

Anyway, here’s today’s sales. Except French Connection. Remember, STAY AWAY.

Wendy Glez

Carrie Saxl

Yummi Glass

Rapid Lash

Cuervo de Sobrinos

French Connection


Eco Lux

Pade Vavra

James Jeans

Horny Toad


Be Mine Beauty Essentials

Judith Ripka

Judith Leiber

Alex & Ani

Kiki de Monteparnasse