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‘Tis the season…to feel tired! Between work, shopping, class, parties and a whole other host of obligations, the days seem longer and longer and sleep can be at a premium. When that’s the case, there is no need to trudge through the holidays season looking anything less than bright and shiny. All you have to do is add one simple step to your makeup routine: Grab a shimmering eye shadow in a light color and get dusting!

Yes, it’s true. The difference a facial highlighter can make (even a makeshift one) is astronomical. Here’s the scoop:

  • Use a light-colored and/or shimmery eye shadow in the area between your eyes and the bridge of your nose to lift the darkness many of us carry there. Try applying a small amount first, then go from there. You can always add more.
  • After using the same shadow on your eyelids (don’t be afraid to reach up to the brow bone, as that area can cast shadows too), smudge a little extra out to the outer corner of your eye. This helps balance out what you’ve just done in the inner corner and brightens that area as well.
  • Finally, depending on just how tired your face looks (get some sleep, girl!), you can also use the same shadow on the tops of your cheekbones, under the eye area. Again, apply sparingly here, and if you end up applying so much you look like you’re glowing (and not in a good way), just grab some pressed or loose powder and sweep over any extra shimmer.

What to use? You can try an actual product marketed as a facial highlighter or you can use any light-colored, shimmery eye shadow. Keep in mind, “shimmery” does not equate to “glittery”. There is a big difference. Shimmery formulas will reflect light naturally and won’t look too conspicuous. Glittery should be left for all the parties you’ll be attending!

Now, go forth and shop. Study. Party and more. After a big day of fun, you’ll still look like you’ve slept like a normal person with this new little makeup trick. Enjoy!

A great shimmery shadow to try: mark. Wind of Glam Eye Shadow Palette, $10

Eye Shadow by mark

Try the pink or neutral color in the Plum Perfect compact – they’re great shades and the price is right!

Image: Avon.com