A start-up called Ernest Hemingway Footwear is using Hemingway’s image to sell their moccasins. They’re marketing to men age 52 and over. Obviously, this is a great idea. That’s not the point. The point is: how was Ernest Hemingway, Skillful Writer, also Ernest Hemingway, Nazi Submarine hunter? Like this:

“After outfitting [his boat] the Pilar with extra fuel tanks, grenades, and high-caliber machine guns, Hemingway and a few buddies set out to hunt Nazi U-boats in the Caribbean. It’s mostly an excuse to drink to excess and employ large munitions, but that’s why it’s great to be Ernest Hemingway.”

Hell yes, that’s why it’s great to Hemingway. Also, this:

“Hemingway is driving with a few buddies on a road near Luxembourg in 1944 when he hears the ripping sound of aircraft fire. He yells, “Jump!” and his friends fly out of the car just as it’s strafed down the middle by a machine gun. While they huddle in a ditch, Hemingway uncorks his canteen to distribute premixed martinis.”

I think they should use these anecdotes in their advertising campaign, panning strategically and meaningfully to the feet.

– Ernest Hemingway: Adventures and Distasters