I have long hated the effects that flash has on black clothing. I wear a ton of black, and I have been to concerts or other events and had my photo taken, I forget that black tends to reveal a whole lot when stretched tightly and illuminated with camera flashes; on the bright side, I never forget which bra went best or worst with each outfit, I suppose. Fortunate for me, I’m not remotely famous and nobody cares about my boobs; this frustrating wardrobe malfunction, however, has befallen many a celebrity on red carpets whose boobs people actually do care about. The latest victim: Nicole Scherzinger, of The Pussycat Dolls.

Scherzinger wore a black, floor-length dress on the red carpet at the National Television Awards in London last night. I actually really like the look — I’m a fan of comfy-looking sexy dresses, and this looks like you could pretty much sleep in it — as well as her pretty makeup and the sort of 70s way she accessorized it. It is an overall lovely look, but the paparazzi tend to use flashbulbs that are considerably brighter than most and reveal a whole lot more than one might see in a mirror under normal lighting. Thus, a black dress like this one becomes sheer and the lack of bra becomes obvious.


Photos: Lia Toby/