The other day, my gal pal and I were walking to the subway, both wearing our LBDs for the event of the evening, when a stranger stopped my friend in the street.

pantsdown“Excuse me miss, I can see your undies…”

Well, she didn’t say those words exactly, but my friend’s skirt had risen, and her entire backside was showing out!

Grateful, she thanked the kind stranger, and adjusted herself – all the time wondering just how long she had been walking around like that…and why I hadn’t told her.

(I hadn’t noticed.)

So, this is a Public Service Announcement to everyone – if you ever see someone in the street with a shoe untied, a dress undone, a bra showing, or anything else that is unsightly or a wardrobe malfunction, please do tell us. It is a good deed and we will be very, very grateful!