Here’s a history lesson for you:  on this day in 2007, the Scottish health minister Andy Kerr decided he was done with just sitting back and watching Kate Moss being so “blasé” about smoking in public. Kerr’s concern was for the legions of people, teenagers especially, who look up to Kate and might be thinking that picking up a cigarette is “cool.” Well, kids, it’s not “cool” and Kate is “uncaring” for living her life as she chooses.

When Kerr was asked what he would tell the model if he was able to have a heart to heart with her, he said:

“I would ask her to understand the impact she’s having on young people’s lives. I don’t want to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but iconic figures set examples and sometimes these examples are inappropriate. I would want people to look at their behaviour and ensure that they’re not setting what is a very dangerous example.”

As a public figure it is clearly her duty to set a perfect example of what is proper and healthy. If this is the case, she should have dumped Pete Doherty far sooner than she did, because you don’t want your kids to grow up thinking it’s OK to date people with exceptionally fucked up teeth. She should also quit drinking so much and quit pissing herself when she’s having a bad day.

Come on, Kate! We’re mimicking your every move! And personally, I can’t afford to keep dry-cleaning my pants because of my sorry attempts to be just like you. You’re so selfish!