During the cover shoot for this month’s issue of Candy, Terry Richardson shot Chloë Sevigny dressed as Terry Richardson. That’s disturbing enough as it is, and the sheer hipsterness of it makes me want to go do something — anything — in earnest, as a rebellion.

But tragically, that is not the worst of what went down at this ill-fated shoot. Richardson posted a behind-the-scenes video on his blog, in which someone had the horrific idea for Richardson and Sevigny to MAKE OUT while she was dressed like the famed, pervy photographer. Who had the idea? We don’t know. All that can be heard in the video is someone saying, incredulously, “Kissing?!” and then Richardson saying, “Oh yeah, we gotta do a kissing shot, that would be great.”

BARF. Barf, right in the shoes of whoever made that suggestion.

The most disturbing part of this video (which, incidentally, I could not get through in its entirety — I had to stop after I saw Richardson begin caressing Richardson-doppelganger’s back) is when Terry moves in for the kiss, OPEN-MOUTHED, and proceeds to get all sensuous with…ahhh….himself. This is just horrible. I’m sorry to be subjecting you to it. I shouldn’t post this. I really shouldn’t.

[vimeo video=”31883808″]

Terry Kissing Terry from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.