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Here in NYC, the impeding winter precipitation (also known as Wintery Mix since we really don’t get that much snow anymore) has held off so far for the most part. but that doesn’t mean that the rainy says that still have happened haven’t made our daily commute annoying.

Finding a weatherproof bag that is 1) big enough to hold your shit, 2) zips or buttons closed so it doesn’t become a swimming pool for your laptop, and 3) actually looks good, is like finding a unicorn. But if you have the patience to look through bags and find materials such as PVC, nylon or waxed cotton that may not be labeled as “waterproof” you’re in for a treat. All of these materials will repel water but a lot of times, they aren’t labeled as such. Waterproof bags have been under your nose this whole time.

Here are 6 bags that are just as suitable for the winter weather as they are for your wardrobe.

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Voyage Double Handle Nylon Train Case (Diane von Furstenberg, $59)


While this is specifically a travel bag, it can easily be used for when it’s really wet outside Plus, the pattern will bring some cheer to a gloomy day.

MAIKA Waxed Camel Sling Crossbody (Bluefly, $48)


Like I said before, waxed canvas is in fact waterproof (a lot of early rain coats were made out of it and you had to continue to wax them to keep the waterproofing in shape).

289 Adelaide Large Texture Ventaglio with Zip (Ron Robinson, $252)


Inspired by Japanese paper fans, this pattered tote is perfect for rushing into the office and keeping everything you carry safe and dry.

Summer Bummer Coated Denim Large Pouch (Urban Outfitters, $50)


Along the same lines as waxed canvas, coated denim (or any coated cotton, really) is another great waterproof option. And waterproofing isn’t just for large totes, either.

Nor’Easter Tote Bag (L.L. Bean, $89)


If this isn’t the perfect travel bag, I don’t know what is.

Steve Madden Waterproof Chevron Quilted Nylon Tote (Nordstrom, $88)


This guy could double as a pillow. It looks oddly comfortable.