Waverider Taylor Swift  Instagram ImpersonatorIf you thought the Elsa lookalike was good, this is waaaaaay better. Liam Martin, a 17-year-old teenager from Auckland, dresses up as lots of different celebrities then posts the impressive looks he’s recreated on Instagram, under the name waverider_.

Liam’s celebrity memes not only demonstrate a careful eye for detail, but also some impressive costume making skills. (He needs to be at Comic-Con.) Unlike the Human Barbie, Liam doesn’t spend thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, or rely on a starvation diet to nail his celebrity impersonations. He carefully researches his photos but told Mashable, that he sources most of the supplies for his looks from the “$2 shop.” According to an interview with Stuffhis mom is his photographer, he photoshops the images himself.

The resulting pictures are as hilarious as the Reddit dude who recreated all the WTF looks from men’s fashion week. Take a look at some of his LOL transformations and you’ll understand why he has 1.5 million followers (and counting).

Waverider Cara Delevingne Instagram Impersonator

When you’re imitating Cara Delevingne, there is no such thing as having too thick eyebrows.

Waverider Kendall Jenner Instagram Impersonator

I love the crop top, even though I suspect that it is made out of paper. However, I think that the middle part that looks like it has been added with Paint is the best detail because it actually looks like Kendall Jenner‘s hair.

Waverider Kim Kardashian  Instagram Impersonator

Liam knows how to work a feathered skirt and teased hair as well as Kim Kardashian.Waverider Lorde Instagram Impersonator

If you didn’t know about Liam’s account, this could pass for a very good celebrity get-the-makeup-look tutorial. He even copied Lorde‘s different colored eyes.
Waverider Miley Cyrus  Instagram Impersonator

I’m not exactly sure what Miley Cyrus‘s bra top is made out of, but I know that Liam’s is made out of Nutella, nuts and Tic Tacs. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the banana skirt.

To see more epic transformations, check out Liam’s Instagram.

(Photos: Instagram/Waverider_)