Nylon posted a video interview with super pretty Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge backstage at some sort of culturally significant event. They asked her what she’d do if she wasn’t a model and she replied,  “If I wasn’t a model, I’m really not sure what I’d be doing. Hopefully something creative… and fun… and helping people.” In case Lily ever loses that flawless skin and wideset gaze, The Gloss team came together and compiled a list of possible Fun Creative Helping People Jobs.

-Making macrame sculptures of famous opera singers with leukemia patients

-Sky-diving while doing water colors to stop global warming

-Teaching people who suffer from alzheimer’s to fence (at raves)

-Free-form jazz with burn victims at zoos

-Finger-painting with osteoporosis-sufferers in poetry slams

-Zero-gravity yoga with underprivileged inner-city kids

-Trust-fall exercises with a hearing-impaired Billy Joel tribute band

-Conducting cookie-decorating classes with the illiterate in art museums

-Basket-weaving on water slides for endangered species